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Apr 24 in Denton; Advanced Illegal Dumping Enforcement Techniques; 6 CEUs; FREE
Apr 30 in Granbury; Coordinated Criminal Environmental Enforcement; 6 CEUs; FREE
May 29 in DeSoto; Coordinated Local Environmental Enforcement; 6 CEUs; FREE
Jul 21 in Texas City; Advanced Substandard Structure Investigations; 6 CEUs; $75
Jul 22 in Texas City; Advanced Ordinance Investigations; 6 CEUs; $75
Jul 23 in Texas City; Illegal Dumping Enforcement; 6 CEUs; $75
Aug 28 in Arlington; Illegal Dumping Enforcement; 6 CEUs; FREE
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TIDRC000 Orientation to Local Environmental Enforcement; 1 CEU; FREE
TIDRC001 Legal/Legislative Update for Code Officers; 1 CEU; $25
TIDRC002 Local Control of Oil and Gas Waste; 6 CEUs; $39
TIDRC003 Illegal Dumping Enforcement; 6 CEUs; $39
TIDRC004 Illegal Outdoor Burning; 6 CEUs; $39
TIDRC005 Environmental Crimes of Local Governments; IN DEVELOPMENT
TIDRC006 Ethics of Local Enforcement; 3 CEUs; $29
TIDRC007 Enforcing Public Health Nuisance Laws; 6 CEUs; $39
TIDRC008 Local Control of Scrap Tires; 6 CEUs; $39
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Online classes are growing in popularity. Since we've began offering them just over a year ago, a total of 138 different students have completed a total of 244 classes and earned a total of 975 continuing education hours.
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Illegal Dumping
2014 Officers Guide

Paperback Edition
$25.00 + $3 Shipping

Previously published as Local Control of Illegal Dumping, this is best available guide for local officers, staff, and elected officials dealing with this problem.
Contact for bulk pricing of over 10 copies.

450 Pages

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Cleaning Up Your Community
2014 Citizens Guide

Paperback Edition
$20.00 + $3 Shipping

Having local problems with illegal dumping, water pollution, and health nuisances? This is the book you want to start with.

166 Pages

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Oil and Gas Waste Problems
Just about all kinds of illegal dumping can be controlled by local governments, including sloppy oil and gas waste hauling as shown here in Jim Wells County. Local governments in the oil patch can exercise criminal enforcement powers to keep their communities clean (shown here: multiple criminal violations of Texas Water Code Chapter 29, handled at the county level). Classes on this and other kinds of dumping provide continuing education credits to code enforcement officers and registered sanitarians (approved by the Department of State Health Services) and peace officers (TCLEOSE). Click here for information on our new online class Local Control of Oil and Gas Waste
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Substandard Structures and
Other Nuisance Violations

Or maybe your community is struggling with how to proceed following the Texas Supreme Court's ruling in City of Dallas v. Stewart. Our class on dealing with substandard structure and all other forms of ordinance abatement will give you a 22-step way to proceed with preparing cases for review and prosecution by your city or county attorney. Click on the link above to download and read the full decision of the court.
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Host a Class in Your City
Hosting a class in your city is easy and makes great economic sense, especially with today's tight budgets. This might be the easiest and least expensive way to assure that your officers get the information, and continuing education hours, they need.
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Laws and Other Resources
Looking for copies of the most frequently used anti-pollution laws or need other resources to become better informed or to do a better job? Here we post copies of relevant laws and rules, discussion papers on various topics, presentations, and our popular field guides for officers and officials. Feel free to download and use this material to fight local pollution with local resources.
Frequently used environmental laws
Additional useful resources
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Contact Us
Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions on illegal dumping or other forms of pollution, to discuss the political issues that surround local empowerment, to send us pictures of dumping, or just to have a private conversation about a situation. The people working on these issues around our state are absolutely amazing, and we love to hear from you. So tell us about your successes and challenges, and maybe we can help. My email address is


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