Illegal Dumping Enforcement
Officers Guide

2016 Texas Edition

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1. What's New After the 84th Legislature

2. Quick Start Guide to Illegal Dumping Enforcement
Who can enforce these laws in Texas
Basic approaches used for most cases

3. Paying for the Cleanup

4. Using Municipal Codes to Fight Dumping

5. Health Nuisance and Public Nuisance Enforcement

THSC Chap 341. Public Health Nuisances
THSC Chap 343. Public Nuisance

6. Primary Illegal Dumping Enforcement

THSC Chap 365 Penalty Chart
Dumping by Local Governments

7. Water Pollution and Special Violations

TWC Sec. 7.145 Felony Water Pollution
TWC Sec. 7.147 Misdemeanor Water Pollution
Some Other TWC Chapter 7 Criminal Charges

8. Local Control of Scrap Tires

9. Oil and Gas Waste

10. Illegal Outdoor Burning

11. Practical Application

12. Building an Effective Local Program

13. Appendix