Instructor-Led Class
Ethics of Local Environmental Enforcement
6 Continuing Education Hours

What do you do when faced with conflicts between Justice and Mercy? What do you do when there simply are no resources available in the family to fix a long-outstanding code enforcement or health nuisance problem? This is a six-hour class designed to provide a good opportunity to reflect on the ethical issues that come up during the process of local environmental enforcement. This class is authorized under 25 TAC 140.168 for code enforcement officers, specifically the section authorizing classes in the "profession, supervisory or management training related to the profession of code enforcement."

Who Should Attend
This class is particularly useful for city and county staff having overall environmental enforcement responsibilities as well as local code enforcement officers and registered sanitarians; local peace officers; local health department officers; specialized environmental enforcement officers; fire marshals and firefighters; prosecutors; city and county staff and elected officials needing an opportunity to reflect on the contradictions that often arise in the enforcement process.

Six (6) hours code enforcement/RS continuing education credits will be awarded for successful completion. For code enforcement officers, this class includes one hour in "Legal / Legislative Update Related to the Profession of Code Enforcement." Six (6) hours TCOLE credit may be given at the discretion of participant's agency (Lesson Plan and Instructor Biography will be provided to Agency Training Officer). Peace officers seeking to earn TCOLE credits for completion of Class 3880 should verify with their Training Officer that this class meets Agency requirements prior to registration. In some cases TCOLE credit will be filed by the local agency hosting the class.

Your instructor for this class is John Ockels, Ph.D, Director of Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center. If you need to contact him for any reason, you can do so at