Online Class
Illegal Dumping Enforcement [TIDRC003]
6 Continuing Education Hours

Anyone who wishes to study this material is welcome to do so at no charge. However, if you want to earn a certificate, just follow the four steps below. This class is specifically for officers, prosecutors, elected officials, and others needing a good understanding of how their community can reduce illegal dumping.

TIDRC003 is a six-hour class that goes into the details of using several Texas Health and Safety Code chapters as well as Texas Water Code Chapter 7 (Subchapter E) criminal laws to control dumping.

Certification Notice
This class is approved for code enforcement officers and registered sanitarians by TDLR under Rule 62.24 (Continuing Education).
IMPORTANT: If you want to receive TCOLE credit for taking this class (class 3880 - Environmental Protection), verify with your Training Officer or Chief that your police agency will grant credits and update your TCOLE training records, as it does in the case of a FEMA online class.

Your instructor for this class is John Ockels, Ph.D, Director of Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center. If you need to contact him, you can do so at

Steps in Certification
Follow the four simple steps below to complete this class for credit.
Technical Note
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Step 1 Register
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Step 3 Test
Take the open-book online test after you've read the material. There are 25 questions. You need to score a 70 or better on the test to pass, but you can take the test several times if you need to, Click here to take the test.
Step 4 Sit Back and Wait for Your Certificate
After you've completed the reading and passed the test, you're finished with the class. We'll now automatically do the following:
1. Make sure you've answered "Yes" to the test question, "Did you complete all reading material for this class?"
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When these three steps are completed, we'll automatically send your Certificate of Completion via email, usually within 24 hours. The date on your Certificate will be the first date that you passed the test (some participants like to keep taking the test until it's perfect, and that's fine. But we'll use the earliest successful date for your Certificate.
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