Summary chapter from our online class on Local Control of Oil and Gas Waste
All civil and criminal approaches available to Texas cities and counties to control pollution
Selected statutes from TWC Chapter 7, including felony and misdemeanor water pollution
Summary of felony and misdemeanor outdoor burning criminal statutes
Summary of TWC Chapter 29 and Natural Resources Code Sec. 91.002
Natural Resources Code Secs. 91.143, 91.458, and 91.604
Final report of the Texas Sunset Commission on the Railroad Commission of Texas
Response of the Railroad Commission of Texas to the recommendations made by the Sunset Commission
Long analysis of the TCEQ's enforcement effectiveness from an analysis of statistics on selected cases from 2001 to 2003
These are the Texas statutes concerning local governments entering property for environmental cases.

Unusual Dumping

Sharks Dumped Near Port Lavaca

Sharks dumped near Port Lavaca

Possible Violations

THSC Chapter 365.012(g)
State jial felony for commercial dumping any solid waste or littter weighing 200 pounds or more

TWC Section 7.145
Five year felony for disposing any waste or pollutant from a "point source" (i.e., in this case a truck) into or adjacent to water without a permit

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