Instructor-Led Class
Local Control of Scrap Tires
6 Continuing Education Hours

Of all the things dumped by Texans, scrap tires are probably the most difficult for communities to handle. In many ways scrap tires are the "perfect waste." About one scrap tire is generated each year for each Texan. Texans generated around 25 million scrap tires 2013, and this number will increase with the population (projected to be around 44 million in 25 years). SB 570, passed with good support in both houses, was vetoed by the Governor. It would have provide additional tools to local governments to control this problem. This class looks at the ways that local communities can continue to respond to this waste now and in years to come, considering the role of the TCEQ in administrative enforcement.

Who Should Attend
Local code enforcement officers and registered sanitarians; local peace officers; local health department officers; specialized environmental enforcement officers; fire marshals and firefighters; prosecutors; city and county staff and elected officials needing a good understanding of the approaches available to control mishandling and dumping of waste tires; state agency officers needing a good understanding of the specific enforcement powers available to local governments to deal with this waste.

Six (6) hours code enforcement/RS continuing education credits will be awarded for successful completion. For code enforcement officers, this class includes one hour in "Legal / Legislative Update Related to the Profession of Code Enforcement." Six (6) hours TCOLE credit may be given at the discretion of participant's agency (Lesson Plan and Instructor Biography will be provided to Agency Training Officer). Peace officers seeking to earn TCOLE credits for completion of Class 3880 should verify with their Training Officer that this class meets Agency requirements prior to registration. In some cases TCOLE credit will be filed by the local agency hosting the class.

Your instructor for this class is John Ockels, Ph.D, Director of Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center. If you need to contact him for any reason, you can do so at